Maury County man led police officers on a high speed chase recklessly doing doughnuts with his car before finally being arrested.

Williamson County Sheriff's office received calls of a man in a yellow Mustang getting in and out of his car then running around other motorist cars at a stop light on Interstate 840.

Williamson County deputy Joe Slabaugh located the Mustang at the T.A. truck stop around Goose Creek off I-65. The officer iniated his blue lights, and the yellow mustang sped away

The yellow mustang was being driven by Jeffrey Dimassa, 37, of Columbia. After speeding away when the officer turned on his blue lights Dimassa headed North on I-65.

According to the deputy Dimassa reached speeds up to 103 mph on I-65 before turning off onto Highway 96.

Once on Highway 96 Dimassa slowed down at an intersection in front of a Kia dealership where he proceeded to do two doughnuts in front of the deputy and countless motorists.

After almost an hour into the pursuit Dimassa finally pulled over, threw his keys out his window, and surrendered to the deputy who was coming towards him with his gun drawn.

While being arrested Dimassa told the deputy “I was just blowing off some steam.”

Dimassa's Family members stated that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

He is currently in the Williamson County Jail under $20,000 bond.



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