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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleep Disturbed By Tire-Slashing Vandal

   A Lawrenceburg man reported to authorities Wednesday that he had been awakened that morning while someone was slashing the tires on his father’s vehicle.

   Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department were summoned to 5 Sanders Street, Lawrenceburg, where they spoke with resident Andy Russell Staggs and son Stephen.

   Stephen told deputies that he had been awakened around 6:30 that morning by the sound of his dogs barking. He reported that he got out of bed and looked outside. There, he reports seeing a man standing beside his father’s 2001 Dodge Neon.

   The son reported that he awakened his father and that both of them went outside. They found that the tires on the car had been cut, resulting in damages of around $225.

   A suspect in the crime has been identified, and department detectives are presently continuing their investigation into the matter.


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