Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Business Owner Fires Upon Burglar

   An Iron City business owner opened fire Tuesday night when he discovered a burglar was prowling about his premises.

   Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched regarding a burglary at Stults Tie and Lumber at 553 Iron City Road in Iron City.

   Owner Christopher Daryl Stults told deputies his mother had received a telephone call earlier regarding a possible burglary at the business. He indicated he then left their home and drove to the business.

   Stults told deputies he first noticed a light was on inside the business and the front door had been left open. He said that he checked the office but found no one inside. He then noticed that someone was prowling about the mill area.

   Stults told deputies he drove to the mill and exited his vehicle with a shotgun in-hand. He said that the burglar turned toward him with an object in his hand and that he fired three rounds in that direction. At that point, he said the burglar fled into some tall weeds.

   Deputies checked about, but reported they were unable to locate the suspect.

   Investigation into the matter has been turned over to detectives with the department’s Criminal Investigation Division. Anyone who has information pertinent to the investigation is urged to contact the department at 762-3626.


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