Resident loses $1,200 to fraud

A Lawrenceburg man spoke with police officers last weekend after falling victim to a telephone scam.

The victim, age 69, reported to Lawrenceburg Police officers that he had spoken by telephone to a man who claimed to be employed by Google. He said the man informed him that he owed some fees associated with the virus protection on his computer.

The caller explained that the matter needed to be cleared up. He told the man to purchase Google Play gift cards at Walgreens, then call him back so that he could get the card information. He told him to buy two $500 cards and one $200 card.

The victim did as he was told, then called the man back and gave him the information he needed to retrieve the money. He said he became suspicious and contacted Google.

Company officials instructed him to file a police report about the incident, indicating that he had not been contacted by anyone employed with the company.

The victim said the man had a heavy accent and was difficult to understand. He told officers that “he wasn’t even sure what services he had paid for.”