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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chickens Killed By Strays Results In Considerable Loss

A Leoma man reported he had experienced hundreds of dollars in loss when neighborhood dogs killed several of his chickens.

   The victim reported to deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department that four dogs had come onto his property and killed seven of his chickens. He said the chickens had a value of $500.

   The victim gave deputies a nearby address where he could find the dogs in question. When they made contact with the resident, however, she claimed that the dogs did not belong to her.

She told deputies that the dogs she owns stay inside her house. She said that someone had dropped the dogs onto the property some time back, but that they did not belong to her.

   The resident told deputies that she would contact someone to pick up the strays, because they are causing problems for her, as well.

   Investigation in the matter continues at the current time.

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