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Monday, March 7, 2011

Four Wheeler Secured On Porch Of Ethridge Home Is Vandalized

   A resident of the City of Ethridge filed a complaint with Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies last week after she was informed that her four-wheeler had been vandalized.

   The victim reported she had retrieved the four-wheeler from a cycle shop only a few days prior to the incident. She told deputies she had parked the ATV on her front porch, securing it with a tarp and bungee cords.

   On Friday, she told deputies that she had noticed two of the bungee cords lying on the ground on Tuesday. She said she had assumed they had worked loose during a storm that had passed through.

The victim said she gave the matter little thought until she was ready to ride the ATV and discovered it would not start.

She reported that she took the four-wheeler back to the cycle shop and was informed that someone had poured either sugar or syrup into the gas tank.

   Reports show that loss in the case totals around $4,000. Anyone who might have information regarding the crime is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s department at 762-3626.


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