Columbia Man Threatens to blow up building.

William Thomas McGill, is behind bars on Tuesday night after he allegedly threatened to blow up a building on the Columbia square and punched an officer.
According to a 911 call from an officer working, on Monday McGill went to the local child support office on the square, and was making threats.

"We have a man in here threatening to blow up our office," the employee told dispatchers. "He is in our office right now."

The caller said she was not even clear why McGill had come into the office since the agency had no records showing he owed any child support.

When officers attempted to talk with McGill, they said he walked away. When the 220-pound man refuses to obey commands, an officer put his hands of McGill and he punched the officer in the eye with a closed fist.

A Maury County deputy deployed a taser, which allowed the officers to take McGill into custody.

McGill stated he was in CIA and the FBI, and said he showed the special agent paperwork.

He is charged with a number of crimes, including assault on an officer and making terroristic threats
In a message to the community, District Attorney General Brent Cooper thanked the officers for their quick, decisive action.