Drug arrest results from traffic stop

Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a West Point Road resident on drug charges last week after conducting a traffic stop.

Deputies stopped the vehicle after they noticed the driver did not dim his headlights. They smelled marijuana as they approached the driver’s door.

They were able to get permission to search the vehicle and found several items of contraband inside. Seized was a baggie with 15.7 grams of marijuana along with a bag that held 2.1 grams of what was believed to meth.

Reports indicate that the driver, identified as twenty-eight year old Zachary James Cadeau of 1201 West Point Road, admitted that the items belonged to him.

Cadeau was taken into custody and transported to the Lawrence County Jail where he was incarcerated on charges of possession of Schedule II and Schedule VI drugs for resale. He was also cited on the traffic infractions