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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meth Charges Pending In Wake Of Pseudoephedrine Purchase

The recent purchase of a package of pseudoephedrine pills has resulted in narcotics charges being sought against a local couple.

   Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department were notified of the suspicious purchase by a local pharmacist. The individual making the purchase had been placed on a watch list, officers said, “Because of suspicious activity at his home leading authorities to suspect that the manufacture of methamphetamine was occurring at his home.”

   According to reports, drug agents had previously collected trash from the home that had been placed at the curb for pickup, inside a city-owned garbage cart. They collected numerous items associated with the manufacture of meth including empty pseudoephedrine packs and empty lithium battery packs. Also found were two broken homemade pipes that officers say are, “The type that is used to smoke methamphetamine.”

   When confronted, the suspect told officers that he had purchased the pills for a friend who intended to manufacture meth.

   Officers accompanied him to his College Avenue home where they report making contact with his girlfriend. She reportedly admitted that she had a small amount of marijuana and items of drug paraphernalia in her possession. She then handed the contraband over to drug agents.

   As a result of the operation, authorities are seeking charges of promotion of the manufacture of methamphetamine, simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia against Cody James Rogers, 26, and Kristin Crews, 22. Evidence against them is being presented to the Lawrence County Grand Jury.

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