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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Woman Reports Strange Transaction Followed By Fraudulent Charges With Debit Card

   A local woman reported to authorities that after noticing a peculiar transaction on her bank account last week she was notified that her debit card number had been used fraudulently.

   The victim reported the crime to deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday. She said she had received a telephone call from a fraud collection agency indicating there had been possible fraudulent activity using her debit card number. She told deputies that, believing the call to be a hoax, she hung up.

   While subsequently studying activity on their bank account via the internet, the victim and her husband discovered fraudulent transactions had been made at a Publix store in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

They contacted the store manager and learned that a man had used the victim’s debit card number to make several transactions. A number of the transactions were for the purchases of gift cards.

The manager informed the victim that the transactions were captured on the store’s surveillance system. He advised them to file a police report so that the investigation could move forward.

   Fraudulent charges to the victim’s account were in excess of $1,000.

   The victim told deputies that prior to the fraudulent charges appearing on her account listings, she had noticed a strange entry.

She reported that last week she had made purchases totaling around $40 at the Lawrenceburg Goody’s store. She had noticed the entry on her account ledger, followed by a second transaction for “$0.00”.

   The reporting officer advised the victim to file a complaint through the Mt. Juliet Police Department, as well. Investigation into the matter is on-going.

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