Mississippi man apprehended trying to cash fake payroll check at Lawrenceburg bank

    A Mississippi man was arrested by local authorities on Tuesday while he was allegedly attempting to cash a fake payroll check at a Lawrenceburg bank.

Officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department were summoned to the Bank of Waynesboro, 2102 North Locust Avenue, just after 4:00 p.m.

Bank officials reported that the suspect, identified as thirty-six year old Benjamin Franklin Johnson of 707 Highway 28 West, Mize MS, had come into the bank attempting to cash what was described as a “forged, counterfeit worthless computer-generated check.””

The check, which appeared to have been issued from a Rick’s Barbeque Wholesale and Catering, Inc., account, was made out to Johnson for the sum of $2,353.18. Johnson had endorsed the check and asked that it be cashed.

When police officers confronted Johnson, he reportedly told them that three me had picked him up at the Union Mission in Nashville “on promise of paying him in advance for work.”

He said they traveled to Lawrenceburg, and that they were supposed to be waiting for him in the parking lot of Tractor Supply Company, also located on North Locust Avenue.

Officers checked the area but noted that they were unable to locate a vehicle matching the description given by Johnson.

They also noted that similar cases were under investigation through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

  Johnson was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Jail where he was booked on charges of criminal simulation and forgery.

He was incarcerated under a $40,000 bond, with an initial General Sessions Court date set for March 7, 2019.




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