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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Crime Report


A resident of Highway 43 South in Saint Joseph reported to deputies Saturday that someone had stolen a portable Honda brand generator and two gas cans containing $20 worth of gas from his outbuilding. The items were valued at around $700.


Deputies were called to a Freemon Lane home by the caretaker on Thursday. He told deputies that he had come to the home that he keeps an eye on for a friend, and found glass on the porch and the door standing open. He told deputies that he could not tell whether anything was missing. He said he would contact the owner and ask her to check the home.


On Monday deputies responded to Fall River Market regarding a gasoline theft. The clerk reported that a man had pumped $50 worth of gas, then drove away without paying for it. The clerk was able to provide deputies with a license plate number.

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