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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Local Authorities On Alert For Maury Police Imposters

   Local law enforcement officials have been put on the alert, asked to keep an eye open for individuals and a vehicle associated with two separate cases of robbery-by-police-impersonator in neighboring Maury County.

   Officials with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department have reported that the first crime occurred Sunday night. A Columbia man reported being pulled over by what he believed to be a police officer. He told authorities that he had stopped in response to a single blue light displayed inside a yellow Camaro or Mustang.

   The victim reported that he was approached by a black male who ordered him out of his vehicle. He said that the man stole $60 from his wallet before striking him, rendering him unconscious.

   Early Wednesday a second Columbia resident reported a very similar experience. He told authorities that the man who approached him had been white. He said that the man pulled a pistol and ordered him out of his vehicle, then took $120 from his wallet before leaving.

   Maury County authorities released a description of the suspect vehicle Sunday night. Local officers reported finding a vehicle matching the description in the parking lot of a Lawrenceburg business. They looked inside but found no sign of a blue light.

   Authorities report that they believe both crimes were committed by the same team of individuals. They advise residents to exercise caution during any traffic stop.

They point out that any police vehicle will be outfitted with more than a single blue light on the dash. If traveling in remote areas, they advise residents to drive to a populated area before stopping, especially if no markings are visible on the vehicle.

   If confronted by the men, authorities said the best course of action is to act calmly and in a non-combative manner. They point out that the men are armed.

   Anyone having information relevant to the investigation is urged to contact the Maury County Sheriff’s Department at 931-381-4900.

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