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Monday, January 27, 2014

Deputies Interrupt Vehicle Burglary

   Deputies checking on an abandoned vehicle last week scared away individuals who had apparently been in the process of burglarizing it.

   Reports filed through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department show that deputies were dispatched to Lou Johns Road in Loretto to check on a Ford F250 that had been parked in the same location for a couple of days.

   As they neared the truck adjacent to a low water bridge, the reporting deputy reports noticing what turned out to be a person in a ditch. He reports that they drove past and as they backed up two individuals jumped out of the ditch and ran.

   Reports show that one of the individuals ran in the direction of Rascaltown Road while the second crossed a fence and ran into a wooded area north of the site.

Deputies could hear one person moving about in the woods near a stream. They later found a camouflage jacket with a Slim Jim kit and hammer wrapped inside. They also located a red block sander lying nearby on the creek bank.

   When they checked the vehicle deputies found that the driver’s side window had been broken. They report that it appeared the vehicle had been rummaged through, with items possibly stolen.

   Deputies were unable to locate the suspects at that time. The vehicle was towed for further investigation.

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