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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Former Classmates Give Lecture At Summertown High For EMS

Former Students and Graduates of SHS EMS Class, Jared Ezell and Ethan Ezell both Firefighters working in Ethridge and Spring Hill came to share a very moving lecture for the EMS class at SHS. 

"I love seeing my students so engaged and interested.  I think this was one of the most inspiring speeches I have heard about the professional and personal lives of those that work in the field of EMS."

"It is the contribution of the many professionals and their time to come and share with these students that makes our program at SHS what it is." 

"The Lawrence County Ambulance Service, Ethridge Fire Department, Summertown Fire Department will all be volunteering this spring and donating their time for the SHS students in the EMS class." 

"They will assist the Instructors in teaching the associated skills necessary to train and certify our students to become First Responders."  

"We want to thank all EMS personnel for the time and  hard work they spend in keeping our communities safe."  

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