Lawrenceburg resident falls victim to fraud

A Lawrenceburg resident filed a complaint with law enforcement officers on Wednesday, indicating that she had lost a considerable sum of money due to fraud.

The victim, age 60, spoke with Lawrenceburg Police officers, reporting that she had been contacted by a person who claimed to represent the Microsoft Corporation.

The caller informed her that they were refunding money to her in connection with a purchase she made in 2018.

He instructed her to pull up a particular website so that he could initiate the transfer.

Once the victim was on the webpage, she said she logged into her bank account. She said the man then “accidentally” deposited $1,000 in her account.

In order to return the funds, he instructed her to go to Walmart and purchase two $500 gift cards, then call him back and give him the numbers listed on the fronts and backs of the cards. The victim reported that she did as instructed.

Afterwards, she checked her bank account once again and discovered that the pending $1,000 deposit had been removed entirely. At the time reports were filed the matter remained under investigation through the department’s Criminal Investigation Division.




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