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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Culvert Replacements Expected To Alleviate Flooding Along Buffalo Road

   City of Lawrenceburg leaders have voted to begin accepting bids for the replacement of three culverts on Buffalo Road, another segment of the city’s long-term flood control project.

   Members of the Lawrenceburg Board of Mayor and Council approved a resolution Thursday morning to accept bids for the replacement of culverts located at the Oak Street and Crescent Factory Road intersections as well as at Rent Right.

   Emergency Management Agency Director Joe Baxter explained that crews have enlarged the culverts in the past, but that they are still too narrow to accommodate water flow during times of flooding. He said that the culverts often become clogged, exacerbating the problem. “Even our best work will be undone by a clogged drain,” he explained.

   Baxter said they plan to use 2010 Community Development Block Grant monies of up to $450,000, awarded for disaster drainage improvements, to fund the project. He said that the culverts will be replaced with larger ones and some work will be done on the ditch that channels the water, as well.

   Baxter has overseen a city-wide flood control project since widespread flooding wreaked havoc in 1998. The majority of the project has now been completed. He told council members that they are whittling away at the flood control “to do” list, saying, “The list of dangerous places in town is getting smaller and smaller.”

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