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Monday, January 23, 2012

TBI Investigating Possible Misappropriation Of Funds In City Of Ethridge

   An investigation is currently underway regarding the possible misappropriation of funds within the government of the City of Ethridge.

   City officials indicate that the matter came to light on Friday, January 13, when discrepancies were found to exist in the city’s financial report.

   The city recorder reported the discrepancies to city officials. It was then reported to City Attorney Chris Sockwell and District Attorney Mike Bottoms. At that point officials requested that an investigation be initiated through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The city’s auditor was notified of the matter, as well as the Tennessee Comptroller’s office.

The matter will likely be reviewed by the comptroller’s office in order to determine whether legal action is warranted.

   Officials indicate that since that time, TBI agents have taken statements from city officials and employees.

   The TBI investigation is being headed up by Agent Wayne Wesson.

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