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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Authorities Investigate Exchange Of Ring

   Law enforcement officials were summoned to initiate an investigation late last week after a May Street resident was informed that her ring had disappeared.

   Officers met with the victim, age 39, around 2:00 p.m. She explained that she had given her diamond and gold ring, valued at around $500, to a friend on an earlier date in order to have it appraised. She stated that when she gave him the ring he informed her the appraisal would cost ten dollars. After she paid him that amount, she said he took the ring with him.

   The victim told officers that when her friend returned on Friday, she inquired about the ring. He allegedly told her that it had gone missing from his truck.

   When officers spoke with the man, he stated that the woman had pawned the ring to her for $12. When he got into his truck on this date, he said, he could not find the ring.

   No charges were placed at the time reports were filed, however the matter currently remains under investigation by detectives with the department’s Criminal Investigation Division.