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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suspect Identified After Trying To Sell Stolen Metal Items

   Law enforcement officials report that charges are pending against a local man who late last week allegedly attempted to sell for recycling, metal items stolen from outside a Leoma shop.

   Victims Eric and Roy Stover reported the crime to Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies Friday morning. They indicated that a paint spray gun, several engine pistons and a gear case for a Chevrolet truck had been taken from outside their shop at 1785 Old Military Road, Leoma.

They also told deputies they had learned that Thomas Patrick White, Jr. had attempted to sell the items to a local scrap metal dealer.

   Witnesses reported to deputies that White had attempted to sell the items to Grimes Recycling on U.S. Highway 64 West, but that employees believed the items might have been stolen and refused to purchase them.

   The reporting officer indicated that while he was en route to the crime scene he came upon White, walking along the roadway. During a field interview, White reportedly told him his truck had a flat and he was trying to get it fixed.

   The deputy reports he gave White a ride back to his truck and found he had seven pistons and a gear case in the bed of the truck. When he asked him about the items the deputy reports White asked, “How much trouble am I in?”

   White allegedly offered a full confession to the crime, admitting he had taken the items and tried to sell them. He told the deputy he had already “gotten rid of” the paint gun.

   The victims came to the scene and identified their property. Reports indicate that while no charges were placed against White at that time, evidence in the case will be presented to the Lawrence County Grand Jury.


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