Thursday, January 14, 2010

Council Holds Preliminary Discussion Regarding Liberty Day Events

   Members of the governing board of the City of Lawrenceburg held a preliminary discussion Thursday morning regarding the city’s annual Liberty Day Festival and which parts of the event may be held this year.

   According to Mayoral Assistant Joyce DiCapo, officials with the Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve, situated on Napier Road just over the Lawrence/Lewis County line, have expressed an interest in coordinating this year’s events with the City of Lawrenceburg. Preserve officials host an annual Fourth of July celebration, as well; one of the largest annual events hosted by the compound.

   Since July 4th falls on Sunday this year, organizers of both events have expressed their desire to coordinate so that both events will not fall on the same date. One will likely hold the commemorative event on Saturday, July 3rd; the other on the 4th.

   In years past the City of Lawrenceburg Liberty Day Festival has been coordinated by employee Anne Morrow. Since Morrow recently retired from her post, the council discussed whether this year’s events will be scaled back. At the very least, councilmen expressed their desire to hold the annual fireworks display; the crowning event of the celebration.

   At this point no definite plans have been made. Additional discussions are expected to be held in coming months.


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