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Monday, January 13, 2014

Burglar Crashes Into House And Vehicle While Fleeing

   A man who caught a burglar breaking into his home Friday reported to law enforcement officials that the man crashed into both his house and vehicle while fleeing from the scene.

   Reports filed through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department show that the incident occurred just after 12:30 p.m. at a home on Bishop Chapel Road in Loretto.

   The victim, age 37, reported that he had gone home during his lunch break, arriving to find a strange vehicle parked next to his house. He told deputies he walked to the carport and found that the door had been kicked in and left standing open.

   The victim said that as he backed away to place a 911 call he encountered a man with whom he was not acquainted.

The man gave him a name of an individual for whom he was searching. He said that he told the man he had no business being on his property, and that he knew he had caught him breaking into the house.

   The victim told the man that he was going to detain him until the arrival of law enforcement, but said that the man refused to comply. He said that they became engaged in an altercation after which the man got into his vehicle and attempted to leave.

   The victim indicated that while attempting to flee in a red Isuzu or Honda, the man crashed into his truck, then into the side of his house. He said that when he struck the house, a piece of his vehicle came off. He then fled from the scene.

   The victim told deputies that although the man had gained entry, nothing appeared to be missing from inside the house.

   The victim described the burglar as being clean cut, in his thirties, approximately six feet tall, 200 pounds, with brown hair. At the time he was dressed in blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a baseball cap.

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