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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Excess Cold Meds Purchase Results In Meth Lab Bust

   Detectives tasked with investigating excessive purchases of over-the-counter cold medications dismantled components of a meth lab in Summertown Monday and arrested two individuals for operating the lab.

   Agents with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department had discovered that 215 Daley Street, Summertown, resident Regina Bassham, had purchased in excess of the legal limit of cold medications containing pseudoephedrine during the past month. In response, they made their way to Bassham’s home Monday.

While discussing the matter with Bassham, she allegedly told agents she does take some of the medication, but sells the remainder to other persons.

   Agents requested that Bassham grant permission for them to conduct a search of the premises for a meth lab, drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Once she gave consent agents initiated the search.

   During the ensuing search agents report finding a meth pipe, burnt aluminum foil, Mason jars, peroxide, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, salt, scales, a homemade gas generator commonly used to “gas off”  meth oil, latex gloves, acetone, lighter fluid, rolling papers, marijuana stems, and eighteen plastic bottles inside the house.

   Outside, agents report finding items concealed inside a grill, including coffee filters, eleven empty pseudoephedrine blister packs, five empty pseudoephedrine boxes, two cold packs of ammonia nitrate, and two empty lithium battery packages.

   Inside the bed of Bassham’s truck agents report finding a two liter “shake” bottle, four feet of tubing, latex gloves, and coffee filters.

   Agents report that Bassham’s two children, ages 16 and 13, also resided inside the home. At the time of the search, they report the sixteen-year-old was present.

They indicate that “Regina did not know where the thirteen-year-old was.” In addition deputies noted that the home was in a state of disarray with trash and dog feces strewn about inside.

The children were later released into the custody of a grandparent. Agents with the Department of Childrens Services were also notified of the situation.

   As a result of the search Bassham was placed under arrest along with Toby Byrd, who was also staying at the home.

Both were booked through the Lawrence County Jail under charges of initiation of the process to manufacture methamphetamine, promotion of the manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and child neglect.


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