Lawrenceburg Now

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Crime Report

*from reports filed through the Lawrenceburg Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Departments

Aggravated burglary

   Deputies responded to a 5:00 p.m. call to 122 Campbellsville Pike, Ethridge on Sunday. The resident reported someone had broken into a trailer she owns, stealing a central heat and air unit, wiring to the unit, the breaker box, a breakfast bar that had been attached to one wall, a microwave oven and clothing. Total loss and damages were estimated at $2,060.

Aggravated burglary

   A resident of West Point Road summoned deputies to his home Saturday after he discovered he had been targeted by burglars. The victim reported he had been in the process of moving from the home. He said that when he came to the house he found the deadbolt had been unlocked. Rocks that had been in a vase with bamboo in the kitchen window had been placed on a plate on the countertop. The only item missing was a 32” flat screen TV valued at $350.


   A resident of Brush Creek Road reported Friday that his Colt Combat Commander .45 ACP handgun had been stolen from the drawer of his bedside table. Reports show the gun had a value of $90.

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