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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Animal Neglect Charges Placed Against Horse Owners

   Charges of animal neglect were placed against two Summertown men on New Year’s Day after authorities learned that their horses were starving.

   The complainant notified Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies that horses owned by residents of 503 Christopher Lane were starving and that one had already died.

   Deputies made their way to the home to inspect the animals and report that they were malnourished and did not have adequate shelter. The barn, deputies report, had been blocked so that the horses could not gain access to the interior.

   One horse was lying on its side at the time of the inspection. One owner stated that the horse “had arthritis and had fallen and could not get back to its feet.”

   Residents James Anthony Hobby, 48, and Timothy Scott Hobby, 21, were each cited for one count of animal neglect. They will be required to answer the charges through Lawrence County General Sessions Court on Monday, February 1, 2010.

   Deputies note that the Lawrence County Animal Welfare League was notified of the situation, as well.


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