Lawrenceburg Now

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Authorities Investigate Crimes

   Law enforcement officials initiated investigations into several crimes during the holiday period, including the thefts of an ATV and a hay wagon.

   Reports show that deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department were summoned to a home on Kelton Road where the resident reported the theft of a Honda three wheeler.

He told deputies that the ATV had been stored inside a locked shed on the property. The lock was pried open when the theft was committed.

   The theft is believed to have occurred prior to December 26, 2012. Loss was estimated to total $900.

   Officers were called to a property on Tingle Trapp Road Saturday where the owner reported a hay wagon had been stolen. The owner reported it had been stolen during the time period of December 19 through 29. Value was approximately $400.

   Both crimes currently remain under investigation.

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