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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Threats Said To Be Issued Through “Prank” Website

   Law enforcement officials believe that threats issued via cell phone to a Lawrence County resident on New Year’s Eve, were done so through a website specializing in pranks.

   The victim, a resident of Powdermill Hill Lane, summoned a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy to his home around 6:00 p.m. to report the threatening calls. He told the deputy that he had received several calls throughout the day that originated from the same telephone number. He said the content of all the calls was the same.

A message was initially issued from a computerized voice. After a while, he said the caller began to speak a foreign language.

   During the calls, the victim said the “voice” made threats toward him, his property and his family. He said the caller claimed to be a terrorist and threatened to come to his home and “blow up everything.”

   The victim told the deputy that he had been angered by the calls. He said that he had called the number displayed, only to hear the same message once again. He called a second time in the presence of the reporting officer, however the call was routed to a voice-mail system.

   Reports indicate the voice-mail system identified the company as “” The deputy told the victim that the site was one that allowed individuals to send prank calls to cell phones. He expressed his belief that the call had only been a prank, and posed no imminent threat.

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