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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lifesaving Equipment Provided By Grant

Lawrence County Executive J. Mack Chandler has announced that the Lawrence County Ambulance Service has received a federal grant that will allow the service to update equipment and better serve patients.

   The Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) Agency Assistance to Firefighters Grant will provide $150,633 to update the local ambulance service’s cardiac monitors. The county matching portion equals $16,737 for a total project cost of $167,370.

   Ambulance Service Director Scott Storey explains that for the past several years there has been a push for EMS departments to be able to diagnose heart attacks in the field. Lawrence County EMS has been among the 10% of those departments in the state that has not had this ability.

Storey says obtaining the new equipment has been a goal of his since becoming director in 2009. “Equipment is expensive. One monitor with this ability is around $25,000 and we need seven of these units to do this right,” said Storey.

“With the diagnostic capability of these monitors, paramedic treatment plans go into effect several minutes earlier, saving the patient vital heart muscle. This grant is going to exponentially improve heart care in Lawrence County. Lives will be saved and quality of life will be improved.”

   Storey credits his staff members’ “hard work and accurate documentation” in FEMA’s decision to award the money. The resolution approving the matching funds is expected to go before the county commission at its January meeting.

   “This is another plus for the people and safety of Lawrence County,” said Chandler.

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