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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vandals Target Schools During Holiday Break

   Lawrence County School System employees have reported to authorities that at least two local schools were targeted by vandals during the extended holiday break.

   On December 28, teacher Kim Slater summoned Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies to New Prospect Elementary School, 4520 Pulaski Highway. She indicated that someone had broken into her portable classroom.

   Deputies report that one culprit gained entry to the interior of the building by way of a window. That culprit then apparently walked to the door to let others inside.

   Deputies found several muddy footprints leading from the doorway, into the center of the room. A computer table had been pushed away from one window. In addition, they report that the door leading underneath the building was opened, a screen cut on one window and a vent had been partially removed.

   Slater told deputies that she had last been at the school on December 13, and that everything appeared to be in order at that time. Damages were estimated to total $200.

   On December 30, officers with the Lawrenceburg Police Department were dispatched to Lawrenceburg Public School at 600 Prosser Road. There, Principal Janet Alexander reported, someone had vandalized new halogen floodlights that had been installed at the front of the school.

   Alexander reported that she had last been at the school on Christmas Day and had noticed nothing broken at that time.

   Officers indicate that lights, screens and bulbs had been busted from the floodlights. Damages there were also estimated to total $200.



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