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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Inmate Reports Wife Burned His Belongings

   A local inmate filed a complaint with law enforcement officials Monday, reporting that his wife had apparently burned his belongings while he was incarcerated.

   The forty-two year old victim, an inmate at the Lawrence County Detention Center, reported that his mother had brought the crime to his attention. She reported that just after he was incarcerated she had seen his wife burning his belongings outside their Grassy Branch Road home. Afterwards, he said his wife moved out of the residence.

   The victim reported that his mother checked the home, finding that all of his clothing, shoes, bed clothes, and other belongings were missing.

   Deputies report making contact with the victim’s wife. She told them that she had located some of her husband’s belongings, and that she was uncertain what had actually been burned.

   Loss in the case was estimated to total $2,000.

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