Week 36
“Mental Dynamics”

In this lesson Hill titles simply CONCENTRATION. I’m encouraging you to expand your thinking a bit by calling it MENTAL DYNAMICS.

Because it involves not just your concentration, which many individuals might perceive as “the ability to concentrate” AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT on the task at hand, it also involves a bigger-picture VISION that requires focus and commitment.

“The most successful people have acquired the habit of concentration on a SINGLE THING at a time, instead of spreading their efforts over many fields.

If you meet failure, concentrate on the search for its cause, facing facts honestly, and you will insure yourself against a repetition of the cause…Don not concentrate on creating an alibi to escape responsibility for failure or on trying to shift the blame to someone else.”            —Napoleon Hill

Webster has several definitions for CONCENTRATION, the one most closely associated for our purpose here says,
“To direct one’s attention or thoughts <CONCENTRATING on the business at hand…
The ACT or PROCESS of concentrating, esp. close, UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.”

Concentration requires DISCIPLINE.
We all have learned lessons over the course of our lives on CONCENTRATING for greater success, whether in sports, the classroom, driving in difficult conditions, etc. There are simply times in our life when a HEIGHTENED SENSE OF CONCENTRATION is required and our focus becomes sharper as a result.

The question then becomes HOW do we exercise our powers of concentration not just for these small windows of time, but for extended periods when it comes to our lives and our work to gain greater results and rewards? Not just TIMELY CONCENTRATION, but focusing on long-term goals and making a commitment to achieve them, no matter what.


“What about your own habits of concentration?
Do you know exactly what you want from life?
Do you have a definite plan for getting it?

Then your next step is to concentrate on the goal and the plan with such determination that no obstacle can block your way. Remember, your only limitations are those you set up in your own mind.

CONCENTRATE on overcoming them and nothing can stop you.”        
                                                            —Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich

Concentration, vision, focus, habits, goals and commitment…
All part of the big-picture of BIG SUCCESS and learning to gain greater results from our own
“Mental Dynamics”