Week 40
“Overcoming Fear”

It’s easy to see the headline of a lesson in this program and say “Oh that! I already know that.” Or “I learned that my first year of selling…” or some other form of dismissal on the basics of success or fundamental truths.

I hope that won’t be you. Don’t ignore LEARNING at a greater level  of understanding on things we might say we already know.
It’s up to each of us to continue sharpening our saws. To keep up the learning curve, and occasionally to review the things we have learned and ask how we’re doing or how it that related to where I am (and where the marketplace is) NOW?

Fear is everywhere today. We live in a society that MARKETS FEAR.
It is a tool used to sell products and services and to compel you to watch TV shows and newscasts. It can keep potential customers from BUYING your products and services, and it is one of the greatest deterrents to YOUR BIG SUCCESS.

Fear causes DELAY or hesitation. Or even worse it postpones decisions and actions. Therein lies the greatest peril of FEELING FEAR. It’s the “he who hesitates is LOST” formula and most all of us have succumbed to fear at one time or another.

Can you remember a time where you DEFIED YOUR FEARS?
Where you knew that fear was present or lurking, but you pressed on to do what you KNEW had to be done?

Some would call that courage, I call it RESOLUTION or resolving that you will continue or do this “thing” no matter what.
Believing that things will work out in your favor or for the best, and that requires FAITH. Faith is no small thing. So do your homework on what Faith can add to your efforts and your attitude.

Napoleon Hill calls FEAR the single greatest obstacle to success.
In the context we discussed above I think the GREATEST OBSTACLE TO SUCCESS is DELAY.

Failing to take action, both actions that you KNOW and those that you may be unsure of, that are required for BIG SUCCESS.

“All of us suffer from FEAR…
It’s an EMOTION intended to help preserve our lives
by warning us of danger. Hence fear can be a blessing when it raises its flag of caution,
causing us to pause and study a situation
before making a decision or taking action.

But we must control fear rather than permitting it to control us. Once it has SERVED ITS PURPOSE AS A WARNING SIGNAL, we must not permit it to enter into the LOGICAL REASONING by which we decide upon
a course of action.”                       
—Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich

“We have nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF.”
This is an oft’ quoted line from President Franklin Roosevelt but what does it really mean? When I ask audiences that question my intention is just to make them stop for a moment and THINK about what the real message is here.

FEAR ITSELF is paralyzing.
Fearing (worrying, delaying, etc.) just for the sake of being afraid or imagining the worst possible thing that could happen. Even though the likelihood of that worst possible thing happening is remote. We become paralyzed in our actions and our thinking, ultimately giving more fuel to our fear.

What if we could reverse this process?
Set our mind and our thoughts on the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME in spite of our fears. To focus on our DESIRED OUTCOME…
and nothing else.
What do you suppose might happen in most situations?
When you’re faced with fears or delays ask yourself a series of questions. This is called DEDUCTIVE REASONING.

  1. What are THE RISKS?
  2. What are THE REWARDS?
  4. What could happen if I take a series of ACTIONS to address the situation?
  5. What problems will I encounter?
  6. What are some other possible COURSES OF ACTION?
  7. What (in my opinion) IS MY BEST COURSE OF ACTION?


Now, while you see a chance TAKE IT.
Take action. Begin…Delay now will only lead to more doubt and fear and postpone any accomplishment.

“A noted psychologist once said that someone alone at night imagining he or she hears noises can settle fears quickly. All they have to do is put one foot on the floor. Indo doing they have taken THE FIRST STEP on a positive course of action toward OVERCOMING FEAR. The person seeking success must force himself in the same way to control his fears by taking the first (next) step toward his goal.”               —Napoleon Hill

One of the greatest encouragements to us comes from an ancient script and in it’s simplicity delivers great wisdom with an inspired message…

Pressing through delays and taking some form of action is a great way for anyone to begin achieving greater success by
“Overcoming Fear”