Week 30
“Becoming an Optimist”

One of the clues of BIG SUCCESS for me over the years is that arriving at any worthwhile destination is a PROCESS.

It’s why I called my first book BECOMING Uncommon instead of BE Uncommon. It’s why LEARNING (in the process of) matters more than what you’ve L-E-A-R-N-E-D, which as things change you may find yourself having to UN-Learn. Becoming is ongoing. Much like change itself.

When it comes to OPTIMISM lots of people will say they have it.
Unfortunately their actions and attitudes and conversations DAILY leave little evidence of their OPTIMISM.
It’s easy to allow an OPTIMISTIC attitude to erode in the face of challenges. But here’s another way of looking at yours…

Optimism is a matter of MENTAL HABIT.


He goes on to say that this trait results largely from several other personality traits that are so often found in LEADERS:


“Instead of worrying about the BAD THINGS that MIGHT befall you, spend a few minutes every day enumerating (look it up) the pleasant events that will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year!
By thinking about (these things) you will find yourself LAYING PLANS to make them happen.

By doing so, you are getting in THE HABIT OF OPTIMISM.”
                                                            —Napoleon Hill, A Year of Growing Rich

Hill continues his relentless case on the power of this HABIT and offers evidence that, when you think about it, it is PROFOUNDLY TRUE…

“No GREAT LEADER or successful person was ever a PESSIMIST.”


History bears out the optimistic HABIT of great leaders, even though who were faced with almost unbearable conditions.

“Optimism is, in itself, a KIND OF SUCCESS,
for it means you have a healthy, peaceful and contented mind…(but) Optimism isn’t a state of mind in which you throw judgment to the winds in the starry-eyed belief that the future events will take card of themselves.
Such an outlook is only for fools. 

Optimism is, however, a FIRM BELIEF that you can make things come out right by thinking ahead and deciding on a course of action based on sound judgment.”
                                    —Napoleon Hill

Study HABIT.
How does one arrive at actually cultivating a NEW HABIT?
Good question…

Let me encourage you in your YEAR OF GROWING RICH to outline a series of NEW HABITS you will cultivate. Not that you WISH to have, but that you WILL DEVELOP and then go to work on “The How.”

Read Stephen Covey’s classic book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” for some clues and some powerful instruction on BIG SUCCESS in your life and work…

And begin your HABIT OF OPTIMISM so you’ll be on your way to
“Becoming an Optimist”