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Monday, December 28, 2009

Meth Bust Nets Two Arrests

   Two Loretto men were taken into custody on meth charges in the wake of an undercover operation undertaken by agents with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department in recent days.

   Reports indicate the operation took place on Wednesday, December 16, 2009, as the result of a tip regarding the possible manufacture of methamphetamine.

Drug agents indicate surveillance was established outside a home at Sunset Trailer Park in St. Joseph. They report watching as the suspect left the residence and following as he drove to a home located at 200 Rigling Road, Loretto.

   The tip had indicated that the suspect was to deliver a box of pseudoephedrine tablets to the home. Agents report the suspect was at the home only for around two minutes before he attempted to leave.

Agents then blocked the driveway and detained the suspect, thirty-year-old Shannon Brett Cotton of 3600 Highway 43 South, Loretto.

   Agents report noticing the door to the garage was open and indicate they walked toward it in an effort to locate resident Michael Veston Cox, age 21.

When they approached the garage, agents saw two “shake bottles” lying atop a garbage bin. When they checked inside the garage they found Cox along with another man and his small son.

The man told agents he had “nothing to do with what was going on – that he was just there with his son.” He was not charged in connection with the operation.

   Agents questioned Cox about whether he had items on the property used to manufacture methamphetamine, but report he refused to answer. At that time they requested assistance at the scene “due to a meth lab.”

   After gaining permission from the property owner to conduct a search of the premises agents report finding numerous items commonly used in the meth manufacturing process.

Items seized include:  16 “shake bottles,” lithium batteries, hydrogen peroxide, rock salt, aluminum foil, cold packs, Coleman fuel, a three foot length of tubing, empty drain cleaner bottles, empty blister packs for cold products, a gas generator and home made fittings.

   As a result of the investigation both Cox and Cotton were placed under arrest on charges of initiation of the process to manufacture methamphetamine and promotion of the manufacture of methamphetamine. They were transported to the Lawrence County Jail and booked without incident.


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