You know some days I worry about the human race, and wonder if there're any good people left.

Today while eating lunch at Leoma Cafe I got the answer to my question. As you can see in the sign to the bottom left, all these tickets are for free meals, some for breakfast, some for plate lunches,

I even saw one for steak and shrimp for 2. This is a fantastic idea and I didn't want it to go unnoticed or be a secret because I definitely had not heard about it. These kind people have bought meals for folks they don't even know,

so if you want to do a great deed that's under the radar, stop in for a meal and buy one to post in this board.
Also if you're hungry or know someone struggling that could use a free meal, send them to Leoma Cafe...Other than their fantastic food, this is another reason why you will get my repeat business. Thank you for showing love and support in this world because those kind gestures are few and far between ������