Subjects for prayer
As a pastor I ask my congregation every Sunday to pray about certain situations and people. In this space I have mentioned prayer several times, but never devoted a column to a particular request.
I am knitting my pastor and County Executive hats together today because our subject is crucial. Let’s commit to daily prayer for the Lawrence County School System and everyone involved in it.
A couple of weeks ago parents were asked to choose either a “Hybrid” system of education that combines two days of weekly school attendance with remote assignments; or a “Virtual” system that is completely remote.
If that choice was hard for parents, imagine how difficult it was for school system administrators. They had to design a program that would protect the health of students and employees; provide the same quality education students would get in a traditional setting; and help kids catch up after a very long summer vacation. Let’s ask that God gives them wisdom as they make the other big decisions this school year will surely bring.
Likewise, administrators at individual schools will have tough decisions to make as everyone adjusts to this new arrangement. The buck stops with them in most matters and it is impossible to please everyone. Let’s ask God to give them patience as they deal with day-to-day operations at their schools.
The Hybrid system divides students at each school into two groups. One will attend Mondays and Tuesdays; the other Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are devoted to deep cleaning. Let’s ask God to strengthen those who will do this hard and necessary work.
Cafeteria workers, office staff, and bus drivers have very different jobs but all roles carry a great deal of responsibility. Bus drivers have the added obligation of keeping students “socially distant” while under their care. Office staff are the first to deal with many issues and keep up a hectic pace. Many cafeteria employees have worked since school closed in March to provide meals for students who need them. Let’s ask God to show drivers, food service employees, and all other support personnel the importance of their sometimes thankless jobs.
Today is our teachers’ first official day at school. Like everyone else, they are dealing with something entirely new that they didn’t ask for, and are the hands-on deliverers of that system. They will help students catch up after their long summer break, and learn new subject matter well enough to pass on to the next grade. Let’s ask God to give them mental and physical stamina as they take on this gargantuan task.
Parents and guardians need prayer in this year that gives “homework” a whole new meaning. And since they will interact with teachers more than usual, good relationships are vital. Let’s pray that God will help them be quick to praise and slow to criticize their children and teachers.
Finally, let’s pray that God will protect everyone from illness. I know we all want to get back to life as usual; hopefully that day will come very soon.