The Florence Alabama Police Department issued a Press Release in regards to a story aired by WAFF 48 about a 2018 arrest where the news report made an accusation that the Department says, "simply did not occur."


The Florence Alabama Police Department released the following statement on Tuesday:

"The Florence Police Department is aware of a news story aired by WAFF 48 over the past weekend regarding a 2018 incident involving our arrest of Allen Hanvey.  At the time, Hanvey was charged with Public Intoxication, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 2nd, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting Arrest, Assault 3rd, and Criminal Mischief 3rd.  At the request of the defendant, the criminal case has been postponed and reset 15 times, so far.  It is the position of Chief Ron Tyler and the Florence Police Department that the report by WAFF 48 lacked context.  The Civil Service Board has made it clear they intend to hear the Hanvey’s complaint as soon as the criminal case has been adjudicated.  

Multiple accusations were made against the Florence Officers during this news report, therefore the Florence Police Department is posting the entire body camera footage at this time.  As the legal proceedings have not been resolved, we will offer no further commentary regarding the facts of the case.  However, as a point of clarification, all body cameras are attached using a magnet which attaches to the back of the camera unit, therefore it is functionally impossible to put a body camera on “backwards.”  The accusation was also made in the news report that Hanvey’s head was repeatedly slammed against the car door.  This simply did not occur.  

At no point did the WAFF 48 reporter ever reach out directly to Chief Ron Tyler, nor his office for a comment regarding this story." 

The public can view the entirety of the body camera on the Florence Alabama Police Department Facebook page.