Friday, July 13, 2018

Man is arrested while breaking into vehicles

Lawrenceburg Now
Lawrenceburg Police officers arrested a local man on Sunday after receiving reports of a man breaking into several vehicles.
When they arrived at the address on Mahr Avenue, they noticed a man who matched the description they were given. At that time, they report that he was trying to break into a Ford Explorer that didn’t belong to him.

He had allegedly forced twelve large pieces of wood between the door and the frame, causing the door to be warped. Officers estimated that around $400 worth of damage had been done to the vehicle.
The man was identified as Brian DuJuan Smith, age 38, who is homeless. He first told officers that he was looking for his wife. They noted in their report that Smith was sweating excessively and hallucinating. According to reports, Smith eventually admitted that he had used meth the night before.
Officers spoke with several residents who all said they had seen Smith trying to break into several different vehicles.
Smith was arrested and taken to the Lawrence County Jail where he was charged with vandalism and public intoxication. He has been scheduled a General Sessions court date of August 2.



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