Thursday, July 12, 2018

Woman reports stalker shaved her dogs and killed her plants

Lawrenceburg Now
A local woman filed a complaint with Lawrenceburg Police Officers recently, indicating that a man who had been stalking her had gone so far as to shave her dogs and kill her plants.
Police department reports show that an officer was dispatched to the victim’s home for the eleventh time since February, to investigate a stalking allegation. The victim reported that her ex-boyfriend had been driving past her home repeatedly, stopping in the street at times.
The victim said that he had been using spare keys to her home and vehicle to make illegal entry. She said that her GPS system had been stolen out of her vehicle. Also, she said the man had entered her home several times while she was away and had once shaved her dogs. On another occasion, she said he had killed the plants around her home.
The case currently remains under investigation.



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