Sunday, July 8, 2018

School board member sues over election commission finding

Lawrenceburg Now

A member of the Lawrence County School Board who is seeking re-election has filed a lawsuit requesting that a judge overturn a decision rendered by members of the Lawrence County Election Commission in April when he sought to have his opponent disqualified.
The suit was filed by Jerry Campbell, the current District 6 representative on the school board. He had requested at an April 24 election commission meeting, that members considered two signatures on the qualifying documents of his opponent, Corey Rochelle.

Campbell alleged that two of the signatures had been written by the same person, violating state law. He asked that members disqualify Rochelle and remove his name from the August 2 ballot.
While one of the board members agreed with Campbell's assessment, the other members either disagreed, or expressed their belief that there was not enough evidence to warrant their approving the request. They voted to allow Rochelle's documents to stand, allowing him to continue his campaign.
In the lawsuit, which names the election commission and Rochelle as defendants, Campbell asks the court to reverse the decision of the election commission for several reasons. He alleged that they didn't use a correct standard when making their decision and that they acted without material evidence to support their decision. He alleged that they failed to consider the matter in a manner required by state statutes, and that they "manufactured presumptions not provided by law."

The lawsuit was filed through Lawrence County Circuit Court on June 1, 2018.




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