Friday, July 6, 2018

Sheriff's Department explains bond process

Press release from Lawrence County Sheriff's Department

We have received several messages and saw several comments on social media asking how subjects charged with serious felonies can continually be released back onto the streets.

First and foremost, let us make it clear, OUR DEPARTMENT DOES NOT SET BONDS. Bonds are set by a presiding magastrate or judge based on the charges at hand and any other relevant circumstances at that time.

Secondly, OUR DEPARTMENT DOES NOT SENTENCE SUBJECTS. A sentence an individual is given again comes from a judge, sometimes in coordination with the district attorney's office in the instances of a plea deal etc.

If you disagree with a bond amount or the sentence on a given case, we strongly encourage you to address that with the judge, magistrate or district attorney responsible for it, not our department.

Our officers are just as frustrated as the general public when we see repeat offenders or offenders with serious charges back on the streets days after we arrest them, but there is little we can do besides keep arresting them.

Further, our officer's jobs are already tough enough without having to read this kind of misinformation constantly on social media. So please help us inform the public by sharing this post.




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