Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Drugs charges result from traffic stop

Lawrenceburg Now

A police officer stopped following a storm last week to check a man and woman parked along a Lawrenceburg street and discovered that they were in possession of illegal drugs.

Reports from the Lawrenceburg Police Department show that the officer stopped at the Cox Avenue/Scott Street intersection to check on two people who were stopped in the roadway, who said they had stopped because of the storms.

While he was speaking with the couple at the driver's door, the officer noticed there was a plastic bag with a corner torn off on the ground, just outside of the car. The officer knew that illegal drugs were often packaged in this way and asked the driver several times to exit the vehicle. The driver refused to exit, so the officer opened the door. When he did so, he was able to see a glass drug pipe laying in plain view. The pipe had a substance inside that appeared to be methamphetamine.      

The driver had no driver's license with him. When officers searched the vehicle they found a Crown Royal bag that had $80 in cash inside along with plastic bags that contained approximately 3 grams of marijuana and around 3 ½ grams of methamphetamine. Neither the driver nor his passenger claimed ownership of the items so both were placed under arrest.

At the Lawrence County Jail the driver, Justin Daniel Townsend, age 26 and homeless, was booked on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia along with simple possession of marijuana and possession of meth for resale. His bond was set at $12,000.

The passenger, Mikia Desira Fulk, age 18, who resides at 79 Oaks Road, Ethridge, was also charged with simple possession of marijuana and possession of meth for resale. Her bond was set at $22,000.

Both Townsend and Fulk are required to appear in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on August 2, 2018.



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