Thursday, June 28, 2018

Storms cause damage across Northern and Eastern Lawrence County

Press release

A cluster of severe thunderstorms downed numerous large trees and disrupted power in northern and eastern Lawrence County on Thursday afternoon (June 28, 2018).

Personnel from local fire departments and other agencies spent most of the afternoon clearing roads, restoring power, and assisting residents who were affected by the storm.  

The most severe damage was observed in the New Prospect area with other damage around Ethridge. Power outages caused disruptions to emergency communications for several hours. 

County Fire director Tyler McDow reported that the damage appeared more widespread when compared to damage occurring from similar storms on the previous weekend.  

This outbreak followed two events that caused severe damage around Leoma, Center Point, Loretto, St. Joseph, and surrounding communities on Friday and Saturday, June 22 and 23.

Personnel from agencies including volunteer fire departments from across the county, the Lawrenceburg Utility System, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Management responded to the event.




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