Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jackson announces re-election bid

Chris D. Jackson, a county commissioner who currently represents the 2nd District in Lawrence County, has filed the necessary paperwork to seek re-election this August.

A lifelong resident of Loretto, Jackson attended Loretto High School and the University of North Alabama where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He has been employed with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department since 2009, where he works in administration, information technology and public relations.  Commissioner Jackson is married to the former Kailea Daniels of Leoma. The two welcomed their first child, Theo, on April 17th.

Jackson was first elected to the county commission in 2006 at the age of 19. Upon his election, he became the youngest person ever to hold office in Lawrence County and the youngest person to ever be elected to the office of county commissioner in Tennessee history. Jackson won re-election in 2010, garnering 62% of the vote and was subsequently re-elected by the people in 2014.

During his time in office, Jackson has worked diligently to improve the lives of the people of the 2nd District and to make Lawrence County more competitive in the 21st Century by advocating and supporting progressive policies that will bring about positive, lasting change to our county.

While Jackson understands that Lawrence County still has much work to do, he is proud of the accomplishments and progress that has been made during his tenure in office by working together. They include, but are not limited to:


As commissioner, Jackson has made it a top priority to be as accessible as possible to the people and to keep his constituents informed on county business. He has done so by writing op-eds in the local paper, corresponding with citizens on Facebook and Twitter, making his cell phone and personal email available and even paying for mass electronic calls to constituents so he can gauge their opinion on important issues. He is proud to have maintained a 100% attendance record for all regular session meetings of the county commission, providing a strong and reliable voice for his constituents.

Jackson is an active member and former president of the Loretto Lions Club. He is a board member of the South Lawrence Economic Development Association, a member of the Lawrence County Public Records Commission and a member and former state director for the Young Elected Officials Network. On the commission, Jackson serves as chairman of the School Liaison Committee and Technology Committee. He previously served three years as the county commission’s Chairman Pro-Tempore.

In announcing his re-election bid, Jackson said the following:

“It has been a great honor to serve as commissioner of the 2nd District over the past few years. I have tried my best to provide respectful, responsive and efficient service to the people of Lawrence County and to provide my constituents with the kind of leadership they deserve.

I believe anyone can serve in elective office and vote to do what is easy. But it takes a leader to take a stand and do what’s right, even when it is unpopular. I have done my level best to be a leader not only for my constituents but for all the people of Lawrence County who have a strong desire for us to leave behind a better county for our kids and grandkids.

Four years ago, I said this county was poised to have a “Term of Progress.” I believe we have had just that. We have made great strides economically and educationally and with the right vision and leadership, we can build on that progress in the next four years and expand opportunity for even more of our citizens. That’s the reason I am seeking re-election as your commissioner and why I humbly ask for your vote on August 2nd.”




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