Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Houseguest makes off with prescription meds

Lawrenceburg Now

Authorities are looking into allegations made by a Lawrenceburg man, indicating that a person he had allowed to stay at his home had stolen his prescription medications.
The incident was reported to Lawrenceburg Police officers on Saturday.

The victim, age 57, told officers that his ex-girlfriend had nowhere to stay, so he had allowed her to spend a couple of days at his Geri Street home.

The victim said that he had returned to his home on Friday to find that it had been vandalized. Some of his belongings had been thrown onto the floor and some of his dishes were broken. He said the woman had left and never returned.

It was not until the following day he noticed that his prescription medications were missing. He said someone had stolen his Xanax and Roxycontin pills.

The victim said he had tried to make contact with the woman at her mother’s home in Lawrenceburg, but was unable to do so.



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