Friday, June 22, 2018

Woman asking for drugs from strangers is arrested

Lawrenceburg Now

A local woman who was allegedly trying to get drugs from people on the Lawrenceburg square Tuesday was arrested after she became upset with police officers.

Lawrenceburg Police Department reports show that complainants asked for police officers to be dispatched to the square at around 4:00 p.m. because a woman was “soliciting strangers for drugs.”

When they arrived on the square officers were able to locate the woman in front of the old Moore’s store, and were able to identify her as Tammy Kay Stephenson, age 48, who is homeless. Reports say that she was speaking in a confused manner, was hallucinating, and was “in a general state of psychosis.”

Stephenson allegedly told officers that she had used methamphetamine and that it had been three days since she had slept. She became agitated and was placed under arrest and taken to the Lawrence County Jail.

Stephenson was incarcerated on a charge of public intoxication. A court date of June 19th was scheduled.



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