Friday, June 22, 2018

Adjacent Lawrenceburg businesses are targeted by thieves

Lawrenceburg Now

Two Lawrenceburg businesses, situated adjacent to one another, were targeted in theft incidents overnight Monday.

Lawrenceburg Police Department reports show that officers were called to Wishy Washy, a laundromat located at 103 Hicks Street, Tuesday morning. The owner said that he had reviewed security footage that had captured a crime. He said a man had entered the business around 3:15 a.m., checked all the coin slots, then went to the detergent vending machine. The video showed him tampering with the machine to gain access to the coin collection box. He took the money, then left.

The owner told officers that the man had done around $35 worth of damage to the machine and had made off with around $250 in cash and change.

Officers were also worked a case at Mo’s Pawn Shop, which is located at the corner of North Military Avenue and Hicks Street, directly adjacent to the laundromat. Officers had found a Troy-Bilt brand wood chipper that belonged to the business, abandoned in the parking lot of Rotary Park.

When they looked at security video, officers saw that the wood chipper had been taken by a man who pushed it to the nearby parking lot. It appeared to be too heavy, so he left it in the parking lot, then drove over to Mo’s Pawn. He took four tires and wheels from in front of the business and loaded them into the back of his truck. One fell off as he drove away.

The man returned around ten minutes later and got the fourth wheel. He also took a black Murray brand push mower when he left. Once the wood chipper was recovered, loss in the case totaled around $1,200.

These cases are currently being investigated by detectives with the police department’s Criminal Investigation Division. Anyone who has knowledge of either of the crimes is urged to contact the department by calling 931-762-2276.



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