Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend crimes are being investigated by Lawrenceburg Police Department

Lawrenceburg Now

A number of weekend crimes are presently being investigated through the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

Police officers were asked to take reports involving two separate theft incidents. In one case, reported on Saturday, an owner of a business on North Military Avenue reported that his LG Phoenix 3 cell phone had been stolen. He told officers that he thought the phone was stolen a couple of days before by a customer. The phone had a value of $80.

The second theft was reported by a fifty-year-old resident of Ethridge. The man reported that he had an Arminius .38 revolver that had been stolen from his property on Old Florence Road. He said that the gun was worth around $100 and that he suspected it could have been stolen by a relative.

Officers investigated an incident Saturday afternoon where a resident of Roberts Avenue reported the windshield had been busted out of her car. The victim, age 53, said that she suspected the windshield had been broken by some neighborhood children who had been playing ball. They were able to pinpoint a particular child suspected of causing the damage.

Officers attempted to contact the child’s family, but no one was at home. They spoke with a neighbor who said the child’s mother was at work at that time. Officers note that the woman soon contacted them to report she had spoken to her son, and he had admitted that he was responsible for the damage. She said that she had already spoken to the victim, and that they would pay for any damages.



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