Monday, June 18, 2018

Suspect tries to enter home by breaking kitchen window

Lawrenceburg Now

Authorities report that someone attempted to break into a home on Hoover Street in Lawrenceburg early Sunday morning by breaking the kitchen window.

Lawrenceburg Police Department reports say that the victim, age 28, woke to the sound of her kitchen window shattering. She went to check it out and saw a hand reaching through the broken window.

She said it looked as if the person was trying to unlock her window. Once the resident yelled at the intruder, she told officers the person fled from the area.

Blood was found on the ledge of the broken window and on some stairs that led to the back door. Officers were able to follow some bicycle tracks that led them north, behind some buildings on Maple Avenue. They lost the tracks near Clayton Street.

Officers called the hospital but did not find anyone who had sustained injuries to their hands or lower arms. At the present time the case remains under investigation.



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