Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Burglars break in through attic

Lawrenceburg Now

Burglars made use of an attic access door when breaking into a Summertown home last week.

Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department answered a call to Railroad Bed Pike where they spoke with the residents in the garage. The couple reported that items had been stolen from their home while they were out of town.

Once they returned, they noticed insulation lying on the floor n the living room. They began to look about and discovered that several items had been stolen.

The residents reported that persons responsible had gotten into their garage, then used an attic door to gain access to the interior of the house. They said when they checked the attic, they found that the light had been left on and there were footprints in the insulation that led to their upstairs attic door.

Missing from the residence were a safe, diamond bracelet, and a jug of coins taken from a bedroom closet. Loss is the case is around $500.
The case currently remains under investigation.




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