Monday, June 11, 2018

Noises alert resident to burglar inside his home

Lawrenceburg Now

Lawrenceburg Police officers were called to take a report early Saturday when a man was awakened by the noises made by an intruder inside his home.

The man told officers that after he heard the noises he got up and opened his bedroom door, and that he could see a man standing in his living room. He yelled for the man to leave, but told officers that the man just stood there mumbling apologies.

When the man left the home, the victim checked on his grandchildren, then checked outside. His grandson saw a man standing in a yard across the street about five minutes later, at the home of the victim's daughter. He told police officers that he went outside and yelled for the man to leave. He walked between some nearby houses to Highway 43, then headed north.

Nothing was reported missing from the home. Also, there was no sign of forced entry, leading the resident to conclude that he must have left the door unlocked.




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